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New measures in Phnom Penh: Alcohol sales banned while restaurant asked to provide takeaway service only

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Phnom Penh Municipality has just announced tonight that it will ban the sales of all kinds of wine and alcoholic beverages and order all culinary and drink businesses in the capital to stop providing dine-in service for 14 days.


These are the latest moves by the Phnom Penh administration to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the capital, which has discovered over a thousand new cases in less than 48 hours.


In a statement issued by Phnom Penh Municipality, markets, supermarkets, restaurant, cafés, food stalls and shops all over the capital shall be prohibited from selling alcohol from April 11 to April 24.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50836959/new-measures-in-phnom-penh-alcohol-sales-banned-while-restaurant-asked-to-provide-takeaway-service-only/

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And the use of single plastics & styrofoam will go through the <censored> roof ... 😞


There are alternatives but I bet less than 1% of food selling businesses use them.


I get dinner delivered 3 times a week and only committed to it after confirming that all packaging was non-plastic.

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