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WHO says celebrate KNY at home to prevent possible ‘catastrophe’

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged people to stay home during Khmer New Year, to protect their family members, the community and the whole country from falling even deeper into the pandemic. In a press release issued on Saturday, WHO representative to Cambodia Dr Li Ailan said: “We appreciate how important Khmer New Year is for the people of Cambodia, and recognise the strong leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia in making the difficult decision to restrict travel.”


“Full and effective implementation of all combined public health measures is critical to help suppress virus transmission and we will all have to play our part as well,” Dr Ailan said. She added that despite their best efforts, the virus spread is still out of control. Cambodia is on the brink of a national tragedy with new cases occurring every day.


During the last two weeks in Phnom Penh, the virus has spread in restaurants, markets, small businesses, private gatherings and parties. Places with crowded close contact between people, with poor ventilation, are high-risk settings, including private residences where friends and families often gather over holidays.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50837344/who-says-celebrate-kny-at-home-to-prevent-possible-catastrophe/

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