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Kai fac (sale with redeem) for Thai with foreign husband

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We are doing a bit of micro-credit business with Kai Fac (sale with redeem) where the client borrows money and puts land or house up as security. 


My (Thai) wife was told by a Land-office employee that she can not do a "kai fac" contract because she has a foreign husband.

Now, that seems a violation of article 100 of the Thai constitution (anti discrimination act).


Does anyone know more about this ?



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It’s called a reverse mortgage, and it’s a great way to make money. I know Thai people who do it. If you’re not paid back, the borrower finds another guy to cough up the amount in hopes of getting the land, so although you thought you’d get land if they couldn’t re-pay, you get your money back, plus you’ve gotten all the monthly interest, and another guy assumes the reverse mortgage. You would only get the land if they can’t find anyone else to invest in the reverse mortgage after you. Any Thai person who transfers land, has to have their foreign spouse go to the land office and sign something to say the foreign spouse does not lay claim to the land. So maybe that doesn’t work for a reverse mortgage. Too bad.

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