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Thai teacher's SHOCK in Oz! Explains his experiences down under are not a bit like Thai schools!

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I was a teacher trainer back in the day and saw many bright young teachers like this; full of wonder and awe.   However...   This young man will return from Oz full of new ideas an

PIcture: Daily News   A Thai teacher went online to talk about his experiences on a teacher exchange program at a school in New South Wales, Australia.   It was a little different

Saw this in Facebook.   The Google translation made nonsense of some it though.   Good that Thai teachers get to experience other idea and approaches in other countries.  

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It is now 17 years since I first got involved with assisting in English teacher training and English camps in Thai state schools.   I was asked by both Thai and farang enthusiastic teachers to get join them in helping Thais learn colloquial, conversational English.   It was great fun and the satisfaction obtained was all the reward needed to ensure I'd be available next time around.


Then the Ministry of Education went through a whole deck of Ministers in a short space of time, each bringing in a new, hopeless English policy.   The result was that all those enthusiastic Thai and farang English teachers lost heart and now just put in the hours.


So many points in this article hit the target in Thailand:

- pupils don't need to everyday watch the flag go up the pole to know they are Thai

- they need to be told when they have not achieved a satisfactory level of a subject

- they need to learn to managed risk

- they need to learn that the concept of loss of face is keeping them ignorant of so much that schools should be teaching them.   If you don't know, ask !   Otherwise you'll stay ignorant !

- designated times and durations need to be set for staff meetings.   Almost every day a class for my boy is cancelled at short notice as the teacher has to "attend a meeting".   Except for the afternoon break being extended on the last day of term, I do not recall any class being cancelled for lack of a teacher in my time as a pupil.

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1 hour ago, FritsSikkink said:

So made up

Yes. But made a point.  I think most Aussie or Kiwi teachers would think those answers but be a bit more helpful to the poor Asian "Drongo". (naive simpleton)

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1 hour ago, Smithson said:

One thing stands out, the Thai teacher talking about safety. It was just a week or two ago that a kid drowned in Kalasin during an excursion. Not the first time, also I remember kids dieing after being forgotten in mini vans and getting stuck in caves after being taken down by teachers. Then there's the unregistered motorbikes ridden to school by kids with neither helmets or licenses, which is fine as long as the hair and uniform are correct.


Australia is safety obsessed, the 'she'll be right mate' attitude seems a thing of the past.


Rape and sexual assualt of students by teachers here isn't that uncommon here, often almost tolerated. That would have been an interesting discussion with their Aussie counterparts.


Then there's freedom of expression...

Spot on , exactly what I was thinking as reading , Australia is safety obessed to the max , maybe you don't climb a tree at school here but you see so many other dangerous actions .

When I went to an Australian primary school , plenty of heirachy in.those days , it's turned out there was a pedophile ring , took 30 years to come out . That's what heirachy and capital punishment achieves ..silence . I was not a victim , but despite being young I knew something was happening , particularly in the football team and other sports , plus the Library master .

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2 hours ago, FritsSikkink said:

Partially made up then which is sub standard reporting

You're reading a translation from Thai, and a good and fun one that is faithful to the original. If you want exactly what the Thais' are reading then read Thai. 

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