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Thailand reports 1,470 coronavirus cases, daily record 7 deaths

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REUTERS FILE PHOTO for reference only


Thailand reported 1,470 new COVID-19 infections on Thursday and 7 new deaths.


Of the new cases, 1,370 were local transmissions, while 100 were imported from people entering quarantine. 

18,148 people remain in hospital receiving treatment, 29,848 have recovered.


Thursday’s cases bring the total number of COVID-19 infections in Thailand to 48,113 with 117 deaths.


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I said from the very beginning of this outbreak that the daily case numbers would top out at 1,000 per day as that was their testing capacity limit...I may if got the number wrong by 50% but the theor

Ask yourself why we are getting virtually identical numbers everyday.

Comparable sized countries, like the UK, France, and Italy, having the resources, have gone full in for vaccinations...let's look at the numbers of deaths to date:   UK...127,000 France

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1 minute ago, Kaopad999 said:

Well, they are in good shape in terms of the vaccine roll out, but look  the amount of covid deaths in the UK and USA

UK 127,000 deaths ( similar population to the Thailand ) 

USA 596,000 deaths
Compare those figures to Thailand  = 110 deaths 

So, yeah those countries needed to be prioritized given the sheer number of cases and deaths. 


Trump and Johnson both said don't worry it's only the flu. Maybe with a more circumspect attitude the infection rate and death toll would be different.

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