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Will Bkk immigration be open on Monday 10th of May?

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Hi everyone, the question is pretty self explanatory. I read that Monday 10th of May could be a public holiday for government employees. 


Does anyone know what will be the situation for Chaeng Watthana immigration?

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May 10th is the Royal Ploughing Ceremony. In previous years, it was a holiday for government employees in some areas, including Bangkok, allowing them to attend the ceremony.  If this year follows past practice, you will need to contact your local immigration office to see if they will be open. There is no nationwide rule. If someone has seen an announcement that it has changed to a national holiday, please amend this answer.

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Thanks guys for the answers,


I just called on the mobile number I found on their website for Bangkok division 1, which I was was surprised a Thai lady answered and was very polite. She checked for me with her colleagues and she said it will be closed indeed. Hope it helps others who planned to go on that day.

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