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Health minister sees COVID-19 situation normalizing in 2-3 weeks

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1. Limit tests for 2 weeks. 2. Reduce Tests in 2 weeks 

More chance of catching a tenner in a hurricane than that happening .. 

Negative, negative, what planet you living on Anutin? What a stupid thing to say, every day more than a thousand cases, better just shut up, as you are just making yourself look even more stupid.

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Encouraging that it is stagnating already with the measures put in place last weekend. That there is some herbs that work and anti-viral flu jabs on the way, not sure what this suggests aside from less chance of vaccine being made available?

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35 minutes ago, Danderman123 said:

Dispensing herbal remedies to treat Covid-19..... 

Actually, it's for Sars-Cov2 virus infection, for which, if there ever are any symptoms (40-50% asymptomatic), they are very mild. A patient who develops Covid-19 disease would be treated much more aggressively (such as with the Favapiravir).

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2 minutes ago, mrfill said:

And there's this really good stuff called 'Snake Oil'. Cures loads of things.

I can get you first class discount.... very cheap...

Will you be selling it from your wagon as you travel from province to province, after being chased by angry locals and Marshall Dillon.

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Soon the Thais will realize there's good money to be made offering a fake covid passport under the table, Then those not wishing to take the vaccine will have the choice .

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We are in the 21st century and a virus took control of the world. In the most modern and advanced World we can’t reproduce enough vaccines with all the ample aircrafts parked and standing ??? Come on guys.... one reason is that People wanna make money out of this. 

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