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Free taxis provided by Rajavithi Hospital for COVID-19 patients in Bangkok

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(Photo) Facebook/Taxi report TH


The state-run Rajavithi Hospital has launched a free taxi service, to cater to COVID-19 patients travelling from hospital to destinations within Bangkok and its suburbs.


Patients need to book one day in advance by scan the given QR code or logging onto https://forms.gle/uu6sqEPFPjiyQqtm6 and must proceed through the hospital where they are being treated only.


The taxis taking part in the free service provision will each be equipped with a transparent plastic partition between front and back seats. All the windows in the rear doors will remain open all the time and there will be no air-conditioning.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/free-taxis-provided-by-rajavithi-hospital-for-covid-19-patients-in-bangkok/


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4 hours ago, kotsak said:


Would love to see how that works out during raining season..

A little bit like that small Chemical sprayer Robot highlighted yesterday.

Only these Taxis will spray Covid 19 out of their open windows from infected patients, from point of pick up to point of drop off.

The mind  Boggles

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