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I know, not exactly a deadly disease but can be pretty irritating especially when you are 76 y/o.  I have had this condition for nearly a year, 3 dermatologist, and a basketful of assorted ointments, creams, shampoo etc and still the condition persists.

The most troubling area’s are forearms, neck/shoulder and scalp.   I have been using DiabeDermi 10% cream which offers some relief and Desoximetasone Creame, which I was advised to use very sparingly as it is steriod (sic?} based.


So, hopefully other dry skin suffers can offer their own remedy?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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The steroid will actually worsen dry skin and if that is all it is  (and not eczema) I don't know why it was advised.


The very best thing is petroleum jelly (vaseline) as it seals in the natural skin oils but of course it is messy to use.


Also consider bathing without soap on at least alternate days or limiting soap to areas that really need it. And making sure it is a mild soap, Pears is good.

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31 minutes ago, scubascuba3 said:

Aqueous Cream is popular for dry skin and cheap.


Best thing to do is find the reason for the dry skin, Stress can be a major reason, if so try to de-stress


Age and air conditioning are main culprits. Can't do anything about the first and hard to forego the second in this climate.


Soaps can be very drying an reducing soap use/changing to a milder soap can help. But still, as one ages, the skin does dry.

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It's important to apply body lotion, of the sort shown by lopburi, to your body very soon after getting out of the shower -- within a minute or two.  They "lock in" moisture soon after you've dried off and before you skin can start to get dry.  


Also, there is no need to shampoo your hair every day.  You can wet it in the shower to remove odors, but you don't have to use shampoo, which dries your scalp.  


Be sure to use the coolest water in the shower that you can tolerate.  Often I don't use the hot water heater at all.



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As an aside had issues with deodorants and have just been using Nivea Moisturising Body Milk under arms for several weeks and seems to work (although probably would not for an active person).  Not advertised or suggested but then again they make dedicated deodorants. 

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Thanks for all suggestion, here is what I have been using and works ok.  When

I use all of this I will give some of the suggested creams a try.


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