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Do you think that it's possible as a foreigner to fully assimilate into Thai culture?

Assimilation Into Thai Culture  

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I'm interested to listen to peoples views on this topic,  especially long term expats.


Thank you in advance for any and all responses. 

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No, further more, I'm not at all sure why anyone would want to fully integrate/assimilate and in effect, reject their own heritage. They are not, or should not be, mutually exclusive. That is why I ca

I answered no and honestly, I think the vast majority of Thais would never consider a foreigner (especially a Caucasian) to be Thai, no matter how hard he or she tried and no matter how fluent they be

There are also those who would make comments such as above.... which makes one wonder how anyone could ever get along in a country where they feel everyone around them is a ‘downgrade’....   

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2 minutes ago, FritsSikkink said:

Integrate and assimilate are 2 completely different things. Integration is good, assimilating is rejecting your own heritage. 

Wrong. Dictionary definition below: 


gerund or present participle: assimilating
  1. 1.
    take in (information, ideas, or culture) and understand fully.
    "Marie tried to assimilate the week's events"
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26 minutes ago, Dmaxdan said:

There are certain aspects of Thai culture that I integrate into, and some that I don't.

For example, to fully integrate, I'd have to start liking Thai whiskey, their TV soap operas and their cheesey pop songs! 

It'll never happen...! 




The whiskey I can do, the cheesey pop.......like you, never.

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40 minutes ago, ChipButty said:

they either say my name or papa .


Always funny when I see farang's Wai other farang

They call me uncle...


Actually, in this hot climate I definitely prefer a wai to a clammy handshake... 

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