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Thailand reports daily record of over 2,000 COVID-19 cases, 4 new deaths

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BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand reported 2,070 new coronavirus cases on Friday, the highest number of daily cases since the pandemic started, as the country struggles with a third wave of infections, the most severe it has faced up to now.


Four new deaths were also reported, the health ministry said. The new cases took the total number of infections to 50,183, while 121 deaths have been recorded.


Thailand has managed to keep its caseload far lower than many other countries but the new outbreak, which include the highly-transmissible B.1.1.7 variant, has caused more than 20,000 domestic infections with 27 fatalities in just 23 days.


The outbreak began in the capital Bangkok and has spread across the country.


Schools, bars and massage parlours have been closed until next month and alcohol sales banned in restaurants in a bid to curb the epidemic.


The new spread, which accounts for more than a third of Thailand's cases so far, also comes as the country takes tentative steps to reopen to foreign visitors after a year of tightened border controls,


(Reporting by Orathai Sriring and Panarat Thepgumpanat; Editing by Ed Davies)


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The Minister of Public Health has pointed out daily COVID-19 infection rates have begun to stagnate    Oh really Minister, you seem to be as good at maths as you are at being the Health Mini

Obvious this was going to happen after Songhran. Have a party in Bangkok then travel all over Thailand duh !

Indeed ! I believe the figures they give are not correct, there are many more people infected, as long as the test rate is low, the official figures will stay low. 

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It also could be a backlog of cases that weren't reported until now. There's been all kinds of testing going on within the last few days, and some of those results could just be getting posted now.

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29 minutes ago, dcsw53 said:

Is this because the new strain is more infectious, or a sign that the current measures are not working ? If the numbers rise next week again, that cannot be blamed on Songkran travel and shows a deeper problem. With the government's inability to source and accredit vaccines ( unless you are a hiso ) the signs aren't good.

Why? People travel. Covid spreads. Songkran finishes. Covid stops spreading. This is not logical.

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Just now, robblok said:

Highest number so far, the last couple of days were a lot lower. Lets see if this is an anomaly or the new normal. 


The goverment officials were stating they thought they were past the worst of it. This number shows that is untrue. Unless of course tomorrow and the days after that are much lower. 


I think a few guys just jumped the gun being so happy that it was lower as before and saw it as a way to justify things bring good news. 


It also shows that the goverment either does not communicate or does not willfully keeps the numbers down.


If they willfully kept the numbers down this tick up would not have happened. And if they communicated better the guys that jumped the gun would not have looked foolish. But that is all based upon the idea that this is not an anomaly. 


I rarely agree with this poster, but in this case, I thinks he's about right on all counts. The best thing that Mr Prayuth and his  acolytes can do right now, is shut the hell up and get on with the job the Thai people pay them to do, only quietly.


The time for advertising the sub-standard job they're doing is long gone.



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Let's open schools in three weeks. What a great idea. Even if the rate goes down over the coming weeks for one reason or another it's hard to see it dropping below 1000. Globally govts. realise the danger of schools being a transmission point.

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A troll post using a trolling image has been removed.


A post using a video from an unapproved social media source has been removed, it was off topic anyway. 

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