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Shopee return nightmare

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Make a long story short, bought an expensive monitor from shopee,  I asked the seller on the shopee chat If i can return the item If I did not like it and he said yes.

got it and the size seemed too big to me, sent it to return that shopee rejected since the I opened the box.


I told them that the seller agree to a return on the case" change of mind" Shopee then told me they will send me back the monitor and I can issue an appeal.


I sent an appeal and then after the package was already sent back to me I got this email from shopee:


Thank you for contacting Shopee Thailand

Order number : 

According to your concern about return and refund

Now the parcel (Tracking no. ) has been delivered back to you if you need to refund.  Please reject the parcel to courier After the parcel back to seller then would contact seller to ask for refund again.

Please reply back us this email if you have reject the parcel already. We will assist you accordingly.



So I was a bit confuse to how come they can now all of sudden offering a refund again and already found someone to buy the monitor off of me for a small loss so i called them to confirm and the shopee call guy had confirm once again that I need to reject the package and they will try to get me the refund.


and So i did. the monitor was sent back to shopee and arrive with them 3 days ago and since then I heard nothing back. try emailing them, calling them, no answer, zero communication. this all thing gives so much stress, it seems now like the monitor and my money are gone and no one is talking to me. an absolute nightmare.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 5.08.03 PM.png

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A monitor could be 300 USD at most? Are you seriously gonna go crying all around because they haven't refunded your 300 USD maximum.... Come on, even if they were to never refund them, it's not like it's even a big amount of money...


Just be patient, they are busy, got a million things to do, and you are only spamming them... And you are not even being considerate for the fact that they are at a loss since they sent you a brand new product and you opened it thus not new anymore. 


Be patient and grateful. I am sure you will get it rather soon than late!


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It says in the email, contact the seller, not Shopee, because the seller has already received his payment and he has to refund you.


From the email it is also clear that they have communicated with the seller, and that he has agreed to Shopee to refund you, so if he backtracks on his commitment, Shopee will assist you.



Shopee not answering the phone is BS, or do you think there is only 1 supports staff and he remembers the numbers he has to reject?



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20 hours ago, Jonathan99 said:

calling them, no answer, zero communication.

Really?  Call them again and hang on.   I've just got off the phone with them and I don't have a special access code so why would they not answer when you call?

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Sir do you like creating a hell for yourself?......Forget returning things in Thailand.......Your 99% at fault for wrong thinking.....But hopefully 100% smarter now.......Take your loss and start looking for a new monitor hopefully this time with a measuring tape....... 

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Actually measurement is diagonal so not an accurate indication of footprint size and very often sellers do not provide such information.  But it is normally just a Google away if you want to check if a name brand.  

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