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PM urges assistance for Thai nationals returning from Malaysia

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BANGKOK (NNT) - The Prime Minister has ensured all Thai nationals who wish to return from Malaysia are welcomed back to Thailand, as the deadline set by the Malaysian government for overstaying foreigners and illegal migrant workers to leave the country, has passed.


Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhanadirek announced today that the Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha had ordered related agencies to facilitate the return of Thai nationals from Malaysia, after the end of a period of grace provided by the Malaysian government for overstaying foreigners and illegal migrant workers to depart.


The Malaysian government set 21st April as the final day for foreign nationals overstaying their visa or having illegal immigrant status to leave the country without being charged. While the deadline has already passed, illegal immigrants can still leave Malaysia with only minimal charges, provided they have signed up to the Malaysian government’s Repatriation or Recalibration Program.


Thai nationals who have overstayed their visa in Malaysian since 1st January 2020 are now encouraged to register for their return on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ online portal, from which they can receive a return certificate from the Royal Thai Embassy, which is the document required to obtain a Special Pass from the Malaysian Immigration.


A 500 Malaysian Ringgit fine must be paid to Malaysian Immigration to obtain a Special Pass, which is the document that allows Thai nationals to leave Malaysian by 30th June.


This exit program from Malaysian Immigration is only valid in Malaysian states on the Malaysian Peninsular. Similar arrangements will later be announced for Sabah, Sarawak, and the Federal Territory of Labuan in East Malaysia.


The Thai Prime Minister has assured all Thai nationals that they will be welcomed back, while asking them not to re-enter the country illegally by crossing at natural border points.


Official Thailand-Malaysia border crossings are now open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for Thai returnees. Advance registration and appointments are required based on the daily quota, which is still available. All returnees are subject to a COVID-19 screening and 14-day quarantine.



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A question here is when will Thailand expel all the illegal migrant workers and foreigners whose visas have been continually extended since March 2020? Anyone know?


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