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The year long Phony War is over - unless you’re a pandemic denier

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The crime is  this, wanting to make it a  crime. The  slippery slope  to totalitarian rule, no thanks.

A year ago in this very column Rooster spoke about the “Phony War” in relation to the pandemic. Twelve months later it feels like hostilities have well and truly begun.   The Phony War for p

I am not a virus denier or an anti-vaxer.  What you are advocating is deeply troubling.  Social media is a monster that has slipped its bounds.  I don't pretend to have the answer.  However, the propo

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1 hour ago, Libai said:


Of particular concern to this columnist is the large number of people - particularly on Thaivisa’s Facebook arm, far less so on the forum - who insist the pandemic is a hoax. I saw one who called Thaivisa scaremongers! Then there are those who spread malicious and idiotic nonsense about vaccines, people who believe they have a right to free speech.


It’s time not just to rid social media of such people but for governments to look at making it a crime to say such things, a bit like some nations have laws to rein in Holocaust deniers.


Pandemic and vaccine deniers need at the very least to be called out at every opportunity and possibly banned and prosecuted. "


The most important item in any Human is the right to Freedom of Speech whether you agree or not this right should be protected.  Without which we would be controlled by a dictatorial government where one could not speak out on any subject.   A very greasy pole to slipdown.

Look at one of the BS laws here 

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