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University fees for non-Thais

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Looking at undergraduate fees at Chulalongkorn university, it states clearly that only Thai citizens are eligible for lower fees. non-Thais living here, even if permanent resident and living here for years, have to pay the much higher international student rate. Chulalongkorn's web page said this was a government rule. Has anybody any contrary experience with this?



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Chulalongkorn wrote to me to say the semester fee for a person with a Thai passport is 25,500 baht. anybody without a Thai passport there is an extra fee of 138,000 baht, making the total semester fee 163,500 baht. Two semesters a year, the yearly fee for a non-Thai is 327,000 baht. Considering some people have been living here since birth, e.g. from Vietnam who came with their parents, this is extortion.

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