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Warning. Thaivisa newsletter contains web attack infection

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I have sent messages no reply 3 days so write here


https://newsletter.thaivisa.com contains 'Angler Exploit Kit website 21' infection


Some links (topics), but not all,  in EVERY newsletter sent to email have this.


found by Norton, but not by some other security. So if you do not see a warning, cos you not using Norton. Infection still there


I have asked friends with Thaivisa newsletter also with Norton and they get the same. so this not about my laptop


Topics in newsletter BLOCKED. cannot open

Web attack.JPG


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To me it looks simply like an expired security certificate.

As shown by member @gr8nurse

Valid until 1st of May 2021.

Would expect that the warning comes from tomorrow but who knows.

Admin forget to set clock for renewal.

Ignored the warning, continued but can't sign in for whatever reason.

Not interested so stopped here.


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31 minutes ago, gr8nurse said:

I have sent messages no reply 3 days so write here

Just noticed your remark.

Looks like there WAS a real problem 3 days ago.

But as written I can not continue to the newsletter site.

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16 minutes ago, Jai Dee said:

Forum technical support personnel have been notified.


This may help techy


lisdt of topics links that blocked by Norton April with ANGLER EXPLOIT KIT. not every topic infected.


they have been found in every newsletter in 2021 not only April


1 April 2021

Phuket expats will be vaccinated, officials confirm

Phuket Immigration: Extend COVID visas early to avoid rush

2 April

Amazing Thailand: Don't use the handrail on the bridge - you'll get an electric shock!

3 April

Tourism Ministry Considers Free Cross-provincial Flights for Foreign Tourists

Pattaya checkpoints are back! Police report widespread law breaking on the roads

Chucky goes to Phuket! Viral post highlights plight of deserted resort

4 April

Summer storms and heavy rain to hit Thailand over coming days

Myanmar protesters defy crackdown, five killed; junta hunts critics

5 April

Arson investigation into fatal house blaze and collapse gets underway

6 April

Police meeting discusses preparations for Songkran

Myanmar protesters clap to denounce junta as region focuses on crisis

7 April

March inflation shrinks after govt financial aid

COVID concerns raised over Phuket beach party guest

8 April

Eight new COVID infections confirmed in Phuket

9 April

Provincial order issued for all non-tourists entering Thailand through Phuket

10 April

Chonburi orders all entertainment venues to close

11 April

Phuket COVID infections rise, remote-site mass vaccinations halted

12 April

Travelling to Hua Hin? Here are the latest quarantine requirements

Pattaya: Foreigner/Thai couple end up in a hole after eating at restaurant

Pattaya: Sunday rains bring devastating damage to resort's multi million baht beach

13 April

Phuket maintains zero deaths in Seven Days road-safety campaign

14 April

Thailand is still attractive to foreign filmmakers

16 April

Thailand's sex trade: A million women in it and it's bigger than the drug trade, says Chuwit

Married man suffers years of abuse from crazed stalker after 'Thai cupid' dating site fling

19 April

Government Urges Provincial Governors to Help Boost Investments

20 April

Phuket to start testing unvaccinated, untested domestic arrivals

27 April

Chinese Embassy shortens list of Thai facilities approved for issuance of medical certificates for travellers to China

LOCKDOWN EXTENDED: Three-zone system introduced according to severity of virus

28 April

Anutin vows to work with doctors despite backlash

Travelling Phuket expats test positive on return home


Stopped checking

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21 minutes ago, Jai Dee said:

Can you please try again now and advise the result?




Newsletter opened OK


Check all links and NO Angler exploit today newsletter😀


Check newsletter from before today still have link with ANGLER. cos already got it


thank you

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46 minutes ago, gr8nurse said:

But afternoon newsletter has ANGLEr in FIVE LINKS. All blocked

I see many times the last 2 topics in the list have infected

I think Norton is doing something wrong.

MalwareBytes does not detect a problem.

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On 5/1/2021 at 3:33 PM, ubonjoe said:

I think Norton is doing something wrong.

MalwareBytes does not detect a problem.


Norton found infection. MalwareBytes not. I think MalwareBytes doing something wrong!


I report that SUCCESS again after I post here. Thank you techy.


Problem every day all year gone away now after i report problem.


What you do worked. On 2 May and 3 May no more ANGLER Exploit problem in newsletter. Thank you.



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Newsletter 4 may and 5 may today has ANGLER EXPLOIT KIT in again some links.


Cannot open some topics from in the newsletter.


can open same topic from the ThaiVisa website and have no infection. so the infection is in the newsletter and so I think on the server you use to send the newsletter.


I hope techy can fix it. whatever you do on the time I write notice here, it WORKS so I think you must know exactly what it is cause it, yes?


But the problem comes back next day newsletter.



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