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water pressure to low

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6 minutes ago, sometimewoodworker said:

You will need to talk to the condo manager but a pump drawing from your supply may be ok. However just putting in a pump without talking to the managers may cause problems to other users so you may need to add a small tank to pump from



Thank you, I have never seen this ! some condo have a small tank and a pump ?



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I had a naïve friend moved out of a managed apartment block into a rented house about 4 months ago.

Water tank and pump, but during a power outage discovered he had no water.

I fitted a bypass pipe with isolation valves so he could switch to mains supply in the event of any more power outages. All was well until last week when he again complained no water - at all!


On arrival I found his water tank was empty and no mains supply.

Outside his gate I found his water meter was removed.

In his post box were 2 electric bills and 3 water bills  🤣


He said he wondered what the postbox was for, but had never checked it!

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