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Another 7/11 Closed

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31 minutes ago, ChipButty said:

I dont feel sorry for 7/11's they've milked it for years Im feeling sorry for the suppliers and their workers


I feel sorry for me, not being able to stop at the end of my soi, pay the water and electric bills, buy a Mars bar and 2 litres of milk.

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When it comes to Family Mart, here in Pattaya particularly the Darkside they have been closing for years even before Covid.


If a 7/11 is closed white paper over the windows but non of the assets are move it is just temporary.


Rebranding if that is what you want to call it. Normally if they close and few days later work starts it is because in general contracts for these stores run like 8 years thereafter the franchise buyer has an opportunity to renewal whether or not the corperation comes in remodel try to make it larger better get another investor for that store or they keep it for themselves.


Last possibility as noted, they made a huge investment into buying Lotus so many they have a new business plan for some of these location?🤔

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