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Interest in moving out of Thailand takes Internet by storm

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Personally, I wished they'd use their energy to effect change here in Thailand instead of leaving.

In just two days, over half a million Thais have joined a new Facebook group called “Let’s Move Abroad”, amid increasing criticism of the Thai government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and econom

will they have to do 90 day reports?

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48 minutes ago, ChaiyaTH said:

As usual their data is out-to-date with around 2 decades about each of the countries, or at least most of them. As it ain't much better, often even worse, specially as a new arriving migrant.

Not always. Some countries are old and really want to get fresh young immigrants.

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7 minutes ago, CLW said:

I guess many of them should think twice if they want to change their location from a tropical climate to any western country with a cold and dark winter.

Secondly, they might get the shock of their life that it ain't 50 Baht for a noodle soup from a non-existing street vendor or 250 Baht for a visit to a restaurant.

But it appears many thousands of them do.


My wife never fails to remind me that she wanted us to go to the US from Singapore, when I insisted we move to Thailand.


To this day, I still get the 'I told you so' when we have the should or shouldn't we have spent a decade in Thailand conversation.


So with the caveat that my wife is a bit of a coconut. Born in Thailand, but raised in Chicago before returning to Asia, I think thats the sentiment of many Thai's who do move to the West is pretty common.


Cold/Snow doesn't phaze them, the same way hot/humid  doesn't phaze some some pasty white guy

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1 hour ago, RichardColeman said:

My wife wants to live in England later in life. But it seems her desire for it is more that she wants to walk in the snow than see anything  else

Been there, done that and now after six trips to Blighty over the last 15 years the Mrs has decided she would rather live in Thailand !

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30 minutes ago, Trujillo said:

Apparently, nowadays you just have to walk into the United States from the Mexican side and Bob's your uncle. 



I did it; though it was easier to walk into Mexico. Coming back, there was a horrendous queue. We managed to jump most of it. Not sure how it would have felt to not have the right passport though. Not that I want to know.

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2 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

Not if they get a green card for the US.  No reporting ever and they have permanent residence as well, can buy property in their name and of course collect money from the Government if unemployed, even get a stimulus check....

Things may have changed, but used to be that U.S. green card holders were supposed to notify immigration of permanent address changes.  I don't think my wife ever did and we changed residences about 5 times before she became a citizen. 


After my wife became a citizen, we sponsored two of her married siblings and their families to come here.  Their only chance was being relatives, not skilled workers or whatnot.  7 people in all, and one returned to Thailand (divorce).  The legal immigration process took 10 years, 5 to approve the application and 5 to wait for an available quota number.  We applied in about 2001 and they came in 2011.  I'm sure the wait times are longer now.


They have no intention of moving back.  They don't mind the cold, unless we get a real big snow storm..





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