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Kampot: The vibrant life of a Brazilian woman that ended in a tragic hit-and-run

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Always radiant, loving, sweet and good-hearted – these are just some of the words used to describe the life of Natalia Montoni, a Brazilian woman who was living in Kampot province, before it ended in tragedy on the night of April 27. Natalia Montoni’s Facebook account has since been flooded with messages from her friends and family describing the huge loss they feel after she died in a hit-and-run incident in the province.


“An angel left us due to a motorbike accident in Kampot, Natalia Montoni. Life is unfair to take us this wonderful woman,” her boyfriend Laurent Villatte posted on Facebook, announcing her sudden death.


32-year-old Natalia was riding a motorcycle on the night of April 27, between the provinces of Kampot and Preah Sihanouk, when she was suddenly hit by a truck. She was left lying on the road with severe injuries and it took some time before she was taken to hospital, where she was later declared dead.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50850723/the-vibrant-life-of-a-brazilian-woman-that-ended-in-a-tragic-hit-and-run/

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15 minutes ago, Jeffr2 said:

this is close to the worst place in the world to drive a scooter.  And at night?  It's insane.  I don't even drive my car out of the province at night.  No way.


Insane indeed. A Cambodian road that's used by trucks in the night time. No way. 

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15 minutes ago, KarenBravo said:


Sorry, I don't agree with the social convention of "not speaking ill of the dead", which I did not do. Please point out where I insulted her personally.


So far, no poster on this thread actually knows the facts on what happened.

I still think there is a good chance that the driver never saw her. Why? A broken tail-light is a common cause of this.


The motorbike was probably rented, so, she wouldn't have known if there was a problem with the tail-light. Very few people actually check first.

Did you ever drive on an Cambodian road? We do not know the story. RIP young lady

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1 minute ago, visarunner said:

Did you ever drive on an Cambodian road? We do not know the story. RIP young lady


Yes, and if I knew it was going to get dark, I would have checked the tail-light.

Of course, the tail-light may have been working and the cause was completely different.


If you drive a car at night, how many times have you sworn under your breath when you see, or not see a bike with the tail-light out?

Another very common cause of motorbike accidents is tyres allowed to go soft due to lack of air. No problem going in a straight line, but curves and brakes can put you down in the gravel quick smart.

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8 hours ago, Paul Henry said:

Can anyone tell me where the information came from that she was hit by a truck from behind. I have looked at both articles and no mention of tail end collision. There are many ways a motorcyclist can be hit by a truck. Love to hear the facts.

I live in Kampot and we expats have been following this tragedy closely.


There is cctv footage and at least one eye witness. We have a hard time understanding how it happened.


I have land there and travel on that stretch of road regularly, on a bicycle though, keeping as far to the right as the bikes coming the other way on the shoulder allow it and never after dark though.

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