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I new build & 1 reno. "Videos"

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Not my video, but I built the pool in Nong Bua Lamphu early last year.

In fact the team was stuck there at the time of the 1st shut down!

9 x 6 (1.2 - 2) Overflow with "Oxy Minerale" PuraPool sanitation system that uses pink Himalayan salts.

Iridescant Midnight Black PebbleSupreme surface. The hardest surface on the market. Quartze crystal that gets better with age!


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This was a full renovation in Phuket.

The surrounds aren't finished yet!

Main pool Cool Blue PebbleCrete. Jacuzzi in Iridescant Midnight Black PebbleSupreme.

Hardest surface on the market. Quartz cystal that gets better with age. 5 yr product warranty.


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