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I have an ancient Samsung. The  "storage" setting tell me 7G of the 8G storage is used/reserved by operating system. Does this seem normal. 

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8gig  of storage on a phone these days is quite small.

You would have to backup photos and videos onto a computer, then delete them in order to free up space, and you'd have to do it quite often.

Also, you should uninstall any apps on your phone that you don't use.


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Posted (edited)

Usually you need at least 10% free storage. 


When your storage gets tight, Android will warn you. 


There are some tricks that you can do to swap memory to the SD card. 


If you have root, then "App2SD Pro" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.co.pricealert.apps2sd or Link2SD (second choice) can alleviate your problem considerably. 


However if you don't exactly need a Samsung you can get a new quite usable phone with a lot of memory and a decent camera for around 3800 Baht https://s.lazada.co.th/s.WOCBc which might be more reasonable than fiddling around if you are not exactly an expert in these things. 


If you live in Chiang Mai you can contact me for help. 

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Posted (edited)

yeah, memory and battery is the bottlenecks that you feel.


6 GB RAM 64 GB ROM and 6000 mAh battery is

the minimum requirements not to have your phone ruin your quality of life


normally there is a function to close all running apps,

many of those stay active otherwise and easily binds up a few GB RAM worth of memory

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Closing various Apps willy Nilly can itself cause disruptions 


If one has Inserted a microSD then some (Not All) Apps can be transferred over to the microSD - although in reality quite some percentage of the App still stays on the phone itself... 


Many (but Not All) Android phones allow Storage settings to dictate where photos etc can be Stored to - although there are many Androids that Do Not enable selection of captured Camera Video to be Defaulted over to microSD storage... 


Bt default all Downloaded content gets stored on the phone itself... 


There's No option for Data Compression on the phone itself 


agree that having an 8gb phone is extremely limitingonce you attempt to Instal much more than 3 or so downloaded Apps...  


Very handy to research a good simple Cache Cleaner for the earlier 8gb and lower models ( which probably missed out on the later for example Samsungs default  'Smart Manager' 

 - and on that subject, only 3 days ago I found to my detriment - to AVOID downloading/installing a 3rd party App called  "Smart Security" as it totally boogers up any subsequent attempt to used Chrome Browser...   I may even tonight factory reset that phone as the App "Smart Security" even when Deleted still continues with its hijacking... 

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