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Pattaya beach vendors bemoan third COVID wave, look to better future

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Picture: Sanook


Thai media Sanook became the latest news organisation to visit Pattaya and find it very quiet during the third wave of the pandemic.


Down on the beach all the vendors had packed up their deckchairs and businesses as they were roped into the in-house restaurant eating ban after orders to shut by the Covid authorities in Chonburi.


Wirasak, 57, one of the vendors said that the effect on his business and everyone else was plain to see. 


But he accepted it all stoically saying that he was taking the pain for the eventual gain when things improve. 


He called on everyone to cooperate with the rules and see the pandemic out. 



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Funny 10 days ago had to go shopping in Pattaya and I was stuck in traffic... I dunno... seems like same old same old ... but I never been big on giving my business to the beach mafia. They've been through a lot in the last 2-3 years maybe this will be the survival of the fittest scenario and only the fittest will survive in the end. Truth is I probably am not a very nice person but I could care less what happens to these hawkers...


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11 hours ago, J Town said:

Are the beaches in Pattaya/Jomtien officially closed? I've heard they are with the exception of exercise.

Define officially! We have seen nothing posted in English and some claim there are notices in Thai saying beaches are closed, and over the holiday weekend people were being kept off the beaches in Chonburi.

Last I knew they were closed to 'gatherings' and only available for exercise. 

A similar situation with the jogging and cycling paths out by the lake, they were closed temporarily but. I hear they have been reopened again for exercising. 

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