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THA: 80% of hotels shut till October - won't be back to normal until 2023

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The chief of the Thai Hoteliers' Association painted a grim picture of the current situation in Thailand in an interview with Channel 3


Only one in 20 rooms in Thai hotels was occupied.


Marisa Sukosolnunphakdee said that information from her members suggested that business in April was 30% down on March.


Total occupancy in the organisation's hotels was at 5%.


80% of their hotels would be shut until October when it is hoped that the pandemic will show signs of abating and the vaccine rollout will be in full swing.


She indicated that only larger hotels were open and that hotels that catered to foreign tourists were all shut down for now. 


Her assessment was that things would only return to normal in 2023. 


She called on the government for help with paying staff wages, help with loans and interest payments and continued tourism stimulus measures. 



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I feel very sorry for all those, both here and overseas, caught up in this economic disaster through no fault of their own.

This is what Agoda says regarding occupancy next week. You just have to induce the punters to be quick or prices will go up. BS  

That is a very, very optimistic view IMO.   My view is that 'normality', if one is referring to pre covid tourist numbers of 40 million a year will never be reached again. Thailand, alo

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35 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

The few hotels around us that closed last March (2020) are still shuttered.  One wonders how a large company like Marriot or Aetas can afford to have these buildings shuttered and still pay staff to come in and clean them as well as paying the security guards who attend to the building as well as the one or two engineers who are needed to ensure everything continues to work.  On the flip side the power usage and water usage is down tremendously.  The pools are still being serviced at those locations as well as I can see them from my Condos Balconies, and I wonder why they just do not drain them.  I would venture to guess that soon they will be out of liquidity and these buildings will be on the commercial real estate sales listings.

I've stayed at many such places in Phuket...MAYBE 5% occupancy (at 50-75% rate discounts).  I guess it's enough to pay the skeletal cleaning, security, and maintenance staff and keeps the place from deteriorating in the tropical sun.

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

80% of their hotels would be shut until October


The word "their" is important here. For the casual observer. Samall upcountry hotels and guest houses are unlikely to be affected so for the majority of expats who live here life will carry on.

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