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Pattaya: Exodus of tourists begins as Koh Larn prepares for two week closure

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Sophon Cable TV reported that Koh Larn was mostly quiet yesterday as tourists began leaving the island to return home.


Following a referendum at the weekend the locals voted to shut the island down to tourism from Wednesday for 15 days until May 20th.


At Bali Hai port on the mainland Thai and foreign families were returning. Most of them would have been returning anyway after the long weekend that finishes today, Tuesday.


It was earlier reported that tourists have until today to vacate the island after which all resorts will be shut and only the locals can come and go on a couple of ferries daily.


Sorasak Thongbongpetch of the Koh Larn community association said that though it was true that a tourist had tested positive for the virus after a visit no locals have contracted Covid. 


Concern over the state of the pandemic in its third wave has led to the closure of the island that was also shut to tourism before to stem infections. 


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5 minutes ago, champers said:

According to 103FM over 800 attended a meeting and more than 700 of those voted to send the tourists packing. Not sure that having so many under one roof at this time is the brightest of ideas.

Better keep them on the island eh!

There is a building big enough on Koh Larn?

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18 minutes ago, jacko45k said:

Better keep them on the island eh!

There is a building big enough on Koh Larn?

Maybe they could use the 170 millions bahts failed solar\wind energy plant on the hill ?



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3 hours ago, Caldera said:

I find it outrageous that they kick out tourists who are already there, subjecting them to unnecessary travel while infections spike. They should have been allowed to stay, banning only new arrivals.


Yes, that would make more sense.

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3 hours ago, connda said:

The precedence that has now been set is that all Thai communities can simply democratically vote to eject foreigners from their midst and force their removal.  Contemplate that for a moment my fellow foreigners.  The Thai citizens of Koh Larn have just engaged in a form of ethnic cleansing

Ethnic Cleansing from Wikipedia:  "Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal or extermination of ethnic, racial, and/or religious groups from a given area, often with the intent of making a region ethnically homogeneous."

Call it what it is people.  The population of Koh Larn just ethnically cleansed their island with the explicit approval of the Central government in Bangkok. They now have an ethically homogeneous region where they believe they will be free from infection. 
What you have just witnessed is a very possible (and very ugly) scenario for the future of foreigners living and working in Thailand.  Which in turn should be a red-flag for anyone thinking, planning, or contemplating moving to Thailand for the purposes of investment, business, or retirement.

Groups such as TAT and the Thai Chamber of Commerce take to news and social media: "Foreign people with money!!! Come to Thailand!!! Work, invest, spend!!!"
But consider now what happens when some present or future "emergency" is declared and suddenly Khun Foreigner is ethnically cleansed from a region by democratic vote of its upstanding citizens and then forcefully removed and escorted to the border.  If this gets rabid enough, the ethnic cleansing may become something other than physical removal as fear and xenophobia creates the conditions for much worse.  Re-read Wikipedia's definition. History is replete with examples.

So here we are fellow farang!  Thailand has just taken their first Baby Steps toward what should be considered an unthinkable future of racial homogeneity.  Koh Larn is the first Thai community to ethnically cleanse their community during a declared emergency.  Now extend that to other Thai communities, first small, then larger as the fear takes on a life of its own.

This imho is one of the most disturbing developments I have witnessed in my 14 years in Thailand.  It bodes not well.

How do you know that there are no foreign residents on Koh Larn? I don't know, does anyone?

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18 hours ago, connda said:

It's comparable to a stoke victim who requires a care-giver to feed them.  But then the stoke victim's fear and xenophobia of all foreign care-givers takes over their ability to think rationally after the government insinuates that foreigners are dirty disease carriers, and then fires the care-giver. 
Shortly after they die of starvation in their own excrement.

Currently, visitors to Koh Larn are mostly locals.
As a result, your pejorative remark about the xenophobia of the island people makes no sense.

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