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I’m sure similar topics have been discussed multiple times, so I apologize for creating yet another topic, but it’s difficult to filter through hundreds of existing posts looking for up to date answers. I know things can change at any moment, but any quick pointers to the information as of now would be appreciated...

•    Is it possible to fly directly to Phuket (or another major beach destination) and spend the current 14-day ALQ quarantine at a beachfront hotel, with daily use of the beach and ocean swimming?  
•    Following the quarantine, and assuming tourist extensions are still possible of 60 days of total stay (or even more), would it be possible to travel to other places in Thailand, including Bangkok, Pattaya, or other beach places (assuming there are no severe lockdowns at that time) without having to repeat a quarantine at those places again?  I read some areas are designated as red zones, and travel may be restricted, but I’m not clear what those restrictions are right now, or what they could likely be based on the known history….I’m aware of the constantly changing curfews and dining restrictions, but those are of a less concern to me.  I’m mainly concerns about having to repeat a quarantine when moving from one province to another.  I can accommodate one 14-day quarantine, but not two of them for sure.

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Forgot to say, I'm fully vaccinated, but not sure it matters anymore since they bumped it up to 14 days regardless....

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I will reply to my own post.  After some searching, it looks like there is not much benefit quarantining in Phuket.  I thought beachside hotels would allow the use of their beach during quarantine.  That doesn't seems to be the case.  I can't find any reports that mention that.  So makes no sense to spend more money to fly to Phuket and stay locked up in room for 14 days if the same could be done in BKK for less money.... 

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