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Medical Cannabis Clinic: What is this?

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I came across the banner attached below at my small, local, rural hospital.  What does this mean?  I know that cannabis is being used legally in various countries to treat a variety of problems suffered by people (finally) but had not heard of it here before now.  Will they prescribe a few leaves to smoke and help me sleep, for example?  I used to be a hippy, back in the day, so I am familiar with smoking it and know what happens when you.  I don't drink alcohol and do not smoke anything these days btw.  Just surprised and curious.  Any comments?

hospital pic IMG_20210430_145847395.jpg

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AFAIK, reading here, you go in for a consultation and according to your ailment they can prescribe CBD oil, THC oil or a combination of CBD & THC oil, for placing under the tongue.

One person suggested that a clinic supplies the flowers; not so sure about that. 

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There are approved conditions for treating with CBD oil in Thailand. They will nto give you leaves to smoke but if you have one of the approved conditions they may prescribe CBD oil.


Insomnia is not one of these conditions AFAIK.

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