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Hi All,

Sorry for this to be my first post but I have run out of options and have been wanting to join this forum for a while but never got round to it!

Long story short I have an ongoing pelvic area problem which is causing me alot of pain. I have already been to one thai doctor which was pretty pointless and then I went to see Dr Donna who prescribed be anti biotics and a urine test. The anti biotics have done nothing and after 6 days (even though I have the results) no follow up from the doctor about the urine results.

I have already done a forum search but wondering in these crazy covid times if anyone can recommend a good doctor who I can see who obviously speaks good english. I speak a fair bit of thai but not enough to explain my problem.


Thanks in advance and look forward to using this forum!


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Please be more specific as to symptoms as from what you say I can't tell if you need a urologist or other type of  doctor.  "pelvic area problem"  could be many things.  I don't want to send you to a urologist if what you need is actually an ortho, for example.


If it prostatitis this typically requires very prolonged course of antibiotics (like 6 weeks or more). What did the urine test show?

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