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Cambodia bans media coverage from COVID-19 lockdown 'red zones'

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PHNOM PENH: Cambodia on Tuesday (May 4) ordered journalists to stop reporting from blockaded COVID-19 "red zones" and from chasing ambulances as the country battles against a record surge in infections. The country has seen COVID-19 cases surge since February, when an outbreak was first detected among its Chinese expatriate community.


On Tuesday, officials announced a record 938 new infections, bringing the total cases to 16,299 with 107 deaths. Authorities have transformed schools and wedding party halls into COVID-19 treatment centres as hospitals are running out of beds and Prime Minister Hun Sen warned the country was "on the brink of death" from the virus outbreak.


Phnom Penh and adjacent city Ta Khmau have been under lockdown for 20 days and the government has announced the blanket would end from Thursday.


read more https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/covid-19-cambodia-bans-media-coverage-from-lockdown-red-zones-14743136

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1 hour ago, geovalin said:

ordered journalists to stop reporting


great!!!  The sheep will soon forget to think for themselves, and focus on other things.  I remember when the sheep told me China went months without ONE Covid case.  Of course I could not show them an article proving them wrong.  


Freedom of the press is literally the worst idea (joking).  


I probably only really know about 10% of everything, convincing myself that I know more.  Of course, we are all too lazy to go and try to find out the real news.  


Wow, N. Korea zero cases!!!!  See, nobody talks about them.  clever!!!!  

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On 5/4/2021 at 1:38 PM, geovalin said:

Prime Minister Hun Sen warned the country was "on the brink of death" from the virus outbreak

Bit OTT. Not to downplay this thing, but Cam has seemingly done very well. Two hundred people die every month on the roads, so 100-odd C-19 deaths since the start hardly translates as on the F brink! What's his angle? Already rich.

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Posted (edited)

"What's his angle? Already rich."


One can never be too rich.

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