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I am used to using Google Pay using my phone's NFC , but in Thailand do they have similar thing? Whenever I ask they either say no or I have to scan some QR code, but there is no such option in Google Pay.


I want to be able to use my CC from overseas, but using my phone instead of bringing with me.


Thanks in advance.

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Contactless payment in Thailand is still very much in its infancy. In many cases, stores do not have NFC enabled readers.


In addition, in many cases the card reader is not accessible to the customer. It may be in a staff only area or zone where you cannot access it.


Even if the reader is accessible and it is NFC enabled, in the majority of cases the staff will take your card from you and insert it into the card slot on the reader.


It is only very recently that staff stopped swiping cards using the magnetic stripe portion of the card. You can still be asked to sign a low value printed paper receipt from the card machine printer, even when it states that, "No signature is required on the receipt".


Bearing all that in mind, I would suggest you bring your physical card with you.

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I use True wallet and have my domestic debit card linked to it, so I can do cardless and cashless shopping, using just my phone in many outlets, but I'm not sure whether you could use a card from abroad. The only to find out is to try, but I somewhat doubt it.

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Apple pay has been working for at least a few years in Thailand as my gf back in 2017 was using it then.

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