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can i get additional 10 day extension on my 30 day extension as it would save me doing a visa run for the sake of 8 days as i have made a mistake of returning early from bali what a pain lol.

I came back from bali on the 12th of December which it should of been later around 20th or later so 12th December 60 day visa =9th feb then 30 day extension which takes me to the 9th march, i leave thailand on the 17th march.any help please or do i have to do a visa run?

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Land borders are closed, and entering Thailand means 14 day quarantine, no "visa run" possible.

But you can apply for a 60 day Covid extension.

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I think if you want you can get 7 days for that reason! Then maybe need pay 500 bth in airport for overstay one day! Normaly one day overstay not cost nothing. 

Better to get that 7 days than get more trouble for overstay 8 days. And hope you talk about May lol


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