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Not sure if this is the right spot to post this but I have just purchased some land in Petchaburi province and we have an open well. I don’t know how deep because there are a lot of tree branches floating in it so I haven’t gotten a rope to the bottom yet. But the well is full of frogs. I pulled a bucket yesterday and it had one small frog and about 20-30 tadpoles in it. My question is how do you get rid of them and get the water usable, at least for showers and such? Thanks. 

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Sorry I wasn’t clear enough, It’s an open well we don’t have a pump on it, we draw buckets. My concern is if they’re going to put some kind of disease in the water that if while showering water goes in your mouth or something my kids are gonna get sick...🤷‍♂️

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I would suggest you get the well cleaned out before you do anything. The frogs themselves are unlikely to cause harm, but they must have a food source and environment that may well be a problem. For instance, mosquitoes. 

I would clean out all the rubbish and pump the water out. It would let you get a close look and also determine how fast ground water refills the well if at all. 

I assume by well you mean the classic "wishing well" type of hole. Dimensions and photo might help.

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