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Government Hospital's Medication Pricing

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My expat pal has been stricken with insomnia; consequently, he has been searching - for weeks - for the proper medicines. He tried the antihistamines, but the following day - they made him groggy and forgetful. The clinics would not give him any tranquilizers. Only one pharmacy offered them to him , but they wanted 500 baht for 10 tabs. I suggested that the go to Banglamung Hospital.

He registered, saw a nurse, then waited 20 minutes to see a doctor. Not only was he prescribed 90 generic Valium, he had a cyst examined, and he was given an appointment to see a surgeon. The total cost was 345 baht. 200 baht for the doctor visit, 100 baht the the surgeon booking, and 45 baht for the medicine.

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29 minutes ago, rcuthbert said:

My post was meant to make folks aware that good inexpensive medicines are available. So please stick to the topic.



I will, just so long as you stop questioning the medical qualifications of the forums most trusted medical expert.

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