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I thought you were referring to plus sized thai ladies. 

Depends largely where you choose to live, that in turn will determine the impact it has on you.  Out here in the sticks there is very little change to anything other than wearing a mask. Life goe

You know what? Now there are no hordes of Chinese tourists spitting around. Taxi drivers don't just drive off or ask for ridiculous figures to driver you 1 km up the road, in fact you can just get in

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1 minute ago, Brunolem said:

You talk like a former prisoner, happy that he can now step foot out of his cell...from time to time.


As surprising as it may seem, many people are asking more from life than being free "on parole"...and it doesn't mean that they need to party in bars every night.


If your life today is not different from what it was before, then I am afraid you have missed a lot of what life has to offer...

Each to their own. The closest I got to prison was watching Shawshank Redemption.

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29 minutes ago, CharlieH said:

Life goes on, same same. In the "red zones" of course life is very different.


If the OP lives in a 'red zone then now might be a good time to consider moving to a different city/province, specifically somewhere smaller and more isolated.



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1 hour ago, tomazbodner said:

But not hordes like before. I wish there are different kinds of tourists coming. As Thailand will be a very different place when this is over. And I think the change will be for the better. And not only in Thailand.

Some countries are changing the goal posts already.


No more cannabis tourism in Amsterdam Post Coronavirus.


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3 hours ago, Susco said:

I don't know about your country, but I know about mine and those i read about in the news, and it sounds to me the they don't make a new law every day, but more like twice a day.


And not only that, but when they announce anything, like for example the stimulus program in the US, completely unrelated new laws are hidden in the text.


You think it's better there?

Sure, had no problem getting both shots in US.

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9 hours ago, Whale said:

This is a bit of a strange subject. I have witnessed being locked down in 4 countries so far and being kept out of Thailand for nearly a year. IMHO the situation here at the moment is a just a fraction of the lockdowns I experienced elsewhere. When I was in the UK the numbers were astronomical and over a 1000 a day dead for quite a while.


What we have here is, at the moment, nothing compared to what others have gone through. Testing numbers aside the numbers do not point to the rapid accelerations I witnessed in Ireland, England and southern France (yet?).

The major difference is here they don't mind wearing masks and thats a good great thing. But the lockdowns here are quite liveable without many lifestyle changes. In my other lockdowns the lockdowns were severe and very difficult to live in. Even getting OK food on the table was an ordeal.

Mask wearing isn't the silver bullet it won't save Thailand, vaccinations would have done if they'd pulled their finger out and ordered early plus they are excluding farang, they don't understand that the idea is to vaccinate many as possible to make it more effective.


Anyway all countries are the same, all impacted, job losses, closures


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On 5/6/2021 at 1:47 AM, internationalism said:

move to remote location now and do only supermarket online shopping for food and necessities.

Work online or quit your job and live on savings

You reckon the internet will still function if the country goes "pear shaped", or that anyone will want to deliver to you in your remote location?

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