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Health official confirms Covid tests and treatment free of charge - for Thais

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I looked online there are still international insurers that will sell you an insurance against covid. Price won't be as low as before. I am not sure why you would think an insurance company should keep the same price ?


If oil price you go up you pay more for benzine or should the gas stations take the hit ?


I know im not being popular on a forum full of older people but a fact is a fact. You were always responsible for your own healthcare. Many just did not care as they thought they could fly home and made no reservation of money for stuff like this. Now should the Thais pay for your oversight ?  

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This topic is not about healthcare or medical insurance for foreigners, it is titled "Health official confirms Covid tests and treatment free of charge - for Thais".


Please keep the discussion on-topic. 🙏

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23 hours ago, seajae said:

while they expect thais living overseas to be treated for free and treated the same as the citizens of those countries

Who's they? The Thai government? Do you know of any case that the Thai government has demanded any foreign government to give anything to Thai nationals in that foreign country? 

Most expats fail to understand that Thailand - like few other countries in the world (such as Japan) is NOT an immigrant country. Unlike the US, Australia, New Zealand that are made of immigrants, and European countries that have accepted immigrants in the last few decades (which have caused many changes to local culture, and not all for the better), Thailand is not interested to accept new immigrants. Not interested in such big cultural changes. 

It's not impossible to gain Thai citizenship. Once you do, then you are entitled for all the benefits a born Thai is entitled to. 

But how many foreigners do you know here that actually accept the Thai culture and way of life? That can speak Thai fluently enough to hold a normal conversation? That know some locals they can call friends? If to judge by posts on TVF it seems most foreigners here come mainly for financial reasons and instead of blending in, they try to change their surroundings to be more "western"

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