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Foreign residents WILL be included in COVID-19 vaccination program: CCSA

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Will this get reversed tomorrow?

Really? - other papers just published (moments ago) that the Health Minister reinforced his statement that foreigners weren't included.  The government really is consistent in their approach to contra

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Straight after, elderly, the sick, hot spots, general population, soi dogs, farang 

In other words surplus. Same same as before they just worded it different. 

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Posted (edited)

Well that's still as clear as mud!!
Does this mean high risk Foreigners will get vaccinated at the same time as high risk Thai's or After?


Thai government’s first priority is to vaccinate all frontline medical personnel, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions and those living within high risk zones.


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Just now, Sheryl said:


I think it is important to understand that when government talks about "foreigners" they are not talking about only or even primarily Western expats. Why should they?


The majority of foreigners in Thailand are migrant workers from neighboring countries. Over 2 million of them by most estimates.


From an epidemiological perspective, numbers matter which makes western expats of much less concern than these other groups.  It is migrant workers that the spokeswoman referred toi when she said some foreigners have already been vaccinated in Phase 1.

Yes, I know, I deliberately left out was less than about 4.5 million migrant workers many of whom may not qualify given their frequent comings and goings from their respective Aean countries, but even adding them is still a small percentage of the total making the decision easy to include them!

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