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We had one last night, which woke me up around 3am, and i can tell you I haven't seen many like this in my almost 30 years here.


As I live in an area surrounded by 20 meter high palm trees, I saw them moving by meters from one side to the other, and still don't understand how they didn't get unearthed.


As of writing a new storm is brewing, let's hope there is no damage in the morning

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The Foreigner Joe and Thai Girl Gift YouTube channel also shared a video this morning regarding the storm.  Ripped part of the roof off of their brand new house.  Also looked like it caused quite a bit of debris and damage around the Prachuap Khiri Khan area. 

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We've had a couple nasty ones during the last couple of nights. When the thunder makes the dishes in the cupboard rattle, you know it's loud !

We had a worse storm a couple weeks ago though. I have a small (5 y.o.) coconut tree in a pot in front of the house. I have a rope wrapped around the fronds  about 1 1/2 meters above the bottom. That storm a couple weeks ago is the only one (so far) that managed to still knock the tree over. (The rope held but the wind was violent enough to cause the large pot the tree is in to move enough that it tipped over and the tree was suspended by the rope. I'll have to get out there and trim the upper fronds down again one day soon.)

Waiting to see if anyone posts any "Pattaya flooded (again) pics and posts. Didn't see any after the storm the night before last.

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