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Questions about the Visa process, Thank u

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I have just completed my application for an Oa Visa.   The application states "in process".  I believe this means the Thai consulate needs to review this before I send in my documents/passport?

However, maybe this means I need to send in my documentation to complete the process?  Please advise.   Do you know how long this online review takes?  Then there is the review of my documentation.  How long does that take?  I understand/believe I read the process takes a total of 15 days.   The whole thing is so confusing and constantly changing.  Maybe my brain is failing me.


Also, I am worried about the Oa visa and getting it approved.  The online application seems to indicate you can apply for multiple Visas.  Well, I was thinking about applying for a regular tourist visa along with my Oa Visa.  Is this something I can do and as a backup or will I make a mess of things?   


I would like an Oa Visa but I am thinking to expedite things (just get there) I should just try a tourist.  Then deal with Thai Immigration and the money deposit requirements which I understand are a pain.  I've already paid 200 dollars online to complete my application.   


An Elite Visa seems nice but 20 to 32 thousand dollars is a bit much for me.   I like to know what you all think about this Visa?  It's not a scam is it?  I imagine if you have the money and willing to pay it it's worth it.   I am considering it, but...not likely.







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So... Your OA visa is in process....     

Did you make the visa application online and submit the required documents already ?


Best to wait it out a few days. 


You will also need to apply for the Certificate of Entry etc (while Thailand remains under Emergency Decree) and have to quarantine for 14 days (your OA visa application should already cover the insurance requirements but you’ll need the letter from insurance outlining Covid-19 cover up to US$100,000)


The Elite Visa is not a scam. 

Prices range from 600,000 baht (US$20,000) for 5 year membership / visa to 2 Billion Baht (US$64K) for 20 years membership with full perks. 

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I have completed entering all my information into the Oa visa application online.  Now the application states it is in "process"  I believe this means someone at the Thai Los Angeles Consulate will review it and then okay it for the next step.  This is where I will send in my documents.   I think??? 


 I would hate to be waiting for this "process" when it actually means the Thai Consulate is waiting for my Passport and docs...   


I figured out how to send the Thai Consulate a message.  I hope the respond soon.  


Things have changed  from what I have read and seen in the last few months.  I only have to send a few documents as most everything is scanned in.   This is what I think????  Not sure.



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