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Thailand reports 2,419 new coronavirus cases, 19 new deaths

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REUTERS FILE PHOTO for reference only


BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand on Saturday reported 2,419 new coronavirus cases and 19 new deaths, as the country deals with a third wave of infections.


The new cases took the total number of infections to 81,274 and total fatalities to 382 since the pandemic started last year.


(Reporting by Orathai Sriring; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore)



-- © Copyright Reuters 2021-05-08
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If it wasn't for the Mandatory masks in vehicles, where would we be?   

Thank you @TallGuyJohninBKK As usual providing us with data that we can review and see exactly what and where things are happening.  Hard to make people understand that we are in for the long haul wit

Definitely not the right direction for the numbers to be headed. I really do not see Covid being resolved here now, for a very long time and really shows how lucky we were to temporarily dodge the bul

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5 minutes ago, anchadian said:



Thailand plans to waive its mandatory quarantine for vaccinated visitors to its capital Bangkok and top tourist destinations from October, an official said on Friday, in a bid to revive a key industry battered by coronavirus travel curbs.


Hopefully, this does not blowback on them and cause a major issue when folks start to become infected by a different variant carried in.

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6 minutes ago, anchadian said:



The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, in cooperation with the Institution for Urban Disease Control and Prevention and related agencies, has launched active case finding teams for COVID-19 in its six districts (Credit

) #Bangkok #Thailand



It seems to read, at least for me, that they think this is somehow very good. x10 or even x5 and then I would give the final sentence some substance.

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48 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

I went for aa drive with the family yesterday just to get outside of BKK.  We all had our masks on in the car, but I watched as other cars drove by filled with families and low and behold no masks.  Waiting on a law to forbid drinking a soda while driving as well....

who ever came up with this rule is a numpty

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17 minutes ago, Bkk Brian said:

To put that in perspective, New York which has a similar population, a little under at about 8.5 million is showing a 2.41% positive rate, about 2,500 new cases per day at around 100,000 tests.


Mass testing really does work. 




This what you are talking about?




Keep is mind, the outreach testing in BKK isnt the ONLY testing they're doing. It's special outreach testing. All the hospitals and clinics and such are still doing the regular patient based testing as they've been doing all along. So you'd need to add those numbers to the outreach testing numbers for BKK to get an apples to apples comparison...  (get that? or maybe apples to mangos?  🙂


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