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Only me in queue Copenhagen

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4 hours ago, sead said:

1 of 3 passengers. 1 girl got to high temp. The employee told her to go to the ladies room and wash her face with some cold water 🤣 





LoL, that looks like Naypyitaw (Myanmar) international airport on a busy day! 😂  I was often only one of a few passengers on the flight to Bangkok...

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2 hours ago, THAIPHUKET said:

What about entering Kopenhagen from here. Preconditions?

Denmark divided all countries in 3 kategorier. Usually pcr 48h prior entering. If you can provide vaccine or antibody test then you're free to go. 

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4 hours ago, geisha said:

So don’t you need a PCR proof for entering Thailand. ?

I did six days ago. It was required.  My wife came in with her Thai passport and did not need one, but had to do one first day we arrived at our ASQ,  where I did not. 

I guess the PCR test I did before I departed counted as the first one. Yesterday we both did our second one .

 But even if it was not required, I would do one , just to make sure I am not infected. Aside of the danger to others, If i was infected , I would not want to be coming to Thailand anyway, because the moment you arrive, even if you are asymptomatic, you will be whisked off to a god awful Thai hospital,  If I had covid I would rather be back at my country in the west, in my case the US,

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9 hours ago, sirineou said:

Sitting at our ASQ hotel with the wife on our 6th day of a 7 day quarantine, one more day and a night, and Tuesday morning we are free.!!

We came in with Korean air Six days ago, from Orlando FL,

  Incheon airport was deserted.  Eerie  quiet at midday

On the plane I had all four seats in the meddle to myself, Wife had the row IN front of me.  I put up the armrests and turned it in to a bed. Slept most of the way. 



You lucky guy.. I was 1 day late with my ticket. Now all has to do 14 days. Singapore has uped to 21 days

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2 minutes ago, sead said:

You lucky guy.. I was 1 day late with my ticket. Now all has to do 14 days. Singapore has uped to 21 days

We were originally, also arriving a day late , the moment I herd rumors about the changes from 7 to 14 days , I immediately called our airline, and because they did not have a flight a couple of days earlier, I cancel with them, and rebooked with Korean departing May 2 and arriving May 3  .The big challenge was getting  a new COE dated before May1st, but I was very lucky to be assigned to a very nice guy at the Washington DC embassy who helped out, and  had me a new COE dated April 30th. Talk about cutting it tight. 

Then it was a scramble to find a place that would give me a PCR test with quick results. , change our ASQ dates etc.

 It was high anxiety time but we made it. 😀 

7 days went quick, and I am sure 14 will do also, but who wants the extra cost.

 If you have your tablet with you ,and an Amazon account,  download the Kindle App, you can even do it on your smart phone , find a good book and enjoy the decompress time.

Good luck. 

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Just now, Usi said:

I think the majority of Sane tourists are staying at home. Not sure what a tourist would do in thailand at the moment. 


Agreed. Nothing to do right now.


I went to Thailand on 1st February 2020 as part of my winter retreat to my second home. Due to the pandemic stayed until 18th April 2021. Lockdown, curfew, alcohol sales ban in April 2020 made it very quiet indeed. After beginning of June 2020 things started to re-open and I went to Pattaya for the very first time (after 20 years) in August 2020. After that the rest is history. The best year of my life. So many great new expat friendships and experiences. Will I be able to return on 1st November 2021 as scheduled and booked? Hope so!


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