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Sisaket DLT Office for Driving License renewal

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My 2 year driving license is due to expire soon and would like to know the best office to go and do the renewal to get the 5 year one in the Sisaket area. Preferably one that doesn't make you do the depth perception test as I had to have a crack at it twice when I first got my 2 year license.

I know I will need medical certificate, residence certificate, copy of passport data page, extension of stay stamp page, last entry stamp copy of TM6 Card. Could someone also confirm if I need to do the online seminar and test at dlt-elearining.com?


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The depth perception.. I stood up to look at it because I had no idea what was supposed to be accomplished. They made me sit down immediately.. and like yiu took me 2 try’s.. 


Fortunately I had to go to another office for the 5 year. 2 Year was at local DLT and had minimal staff that spoke English. It took 3-4 trips for Temp 2 year .. then sent to Udon Thani less 40 minutes.. they have perception test.. 


Best of luck ... ..  

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There is the DLT office on the ring-road past the Aquarium. That's the only place in SSK to accomplish what you want (WITH the relevant checks). 

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