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STV - 1st extension, anything I need to know?

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Hi guys,

I'm doing my first STV Extension this coming week and before reaching out here I tried to Google. I get a different set of info, everything from C-19 test to whatnot. 

Any friendly soul here know what document's I need for an extension.? 🙂


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It varies from one office to another.

Basic is a completed TM7 form with a 4 X 6 cm photo attached, copies of passport photo page, visa, arrival stamp and TM6 departure card.

Proof of corvid 19 insurance and the 40/400k baht medical insurance but that can vary at different offices.

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As UJ already mentioned, whether the 100.000 US $ covid-19 insurance and/or the 400K/40K health-insurance will be required, will depend on which Imm Office you apply.

The AXA Sawasdee travel-insurance which meets BOTH insurance requirements, and can be subscribed to for a period of 3 months at approx 7.000 THB fee, will probably be your best option when you do not have already compliant insurance.

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Thanks guys, 


I did it today (Jomtien). What they required: 




- TM 7

- TM  6 Copy 

- Passport Copy

- Visa Copy

- Rental Contract

- 400/40k Insurance

- C19 (Travel Insurance) $100k 

- Covid-19 Test x 2 + Exit Letter

- Photo


If some of you may relate, sometimes we're required a bunch of documents but are "given back" some at the last counter (for some reason). At least this has been my experience the last years. This time, however, they swallowed all documents and wanted me to sign all the copies. 


Anyways, it was a friendly encounter and I got my stamp. Glad to help out the printer & paper industry! 

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Anyone could tell us what can be accepted as proof of accomodation when you don't have a rental contract? 


I've read it wasn't possible to use an Airbnb booking. What about other websites that can provide payment receipts?

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