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Busarakam field hospital ready to open next week

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NONTHABURI (NNT) - The Minister of Public Health has carried out an inspection visit of Busarakam Hospital’s field hospital, at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, ahead of its opening next week, to take on 3,500 yellow group patients of COVID-19.


Minister of Public Health Anutin Chanvirakul visited the site of the field hospital in Nonthaburi province, which has received private sector help to setup 3,500 beds.


Busarakam Hospital has been made a node hospital for treating COVID-19 patients in Bangkok and will be staffed by a rotating roster of medical personnel from the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Public Health and will feature medical equipment, including respirators, X-Ray machines, High Flow machines and a standardized laboratory, as it will be handling yellow group patients (those with moderate symptoms). The facility is to reduce the burden on hospitals so that they can handle red group patients (with severe symptoms) while green patients (without symptoms or mild symptoms) are allowed to receive care at other field hospitals and "hospitels".


Three halls of the convention center have been put aside for the operation. Each hall is to hold 1,000 to 2,000 beds. After it opens next week, the field hospital is slated to absorb the field hospital established at the National Stadium, to improve management.


Ventilation, plumbing, waste water and surveillance systems at the field hospital were provided by the Department of Medical Service Support, to ensure standardization. Private sector entities have contributed utilities, such as internet.

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So you will still be able to go do your 90 day at MTT if needed......since you will be there....well across the street at least.....lol

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