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How Much, in hard Cash, do you Contribute to the Thai Economy Each Year? Ex Tax.

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When you consider the average Thai earns around 12k or lets go up to say 200k a year and you put around 12 times that, so 12:1   One might think they would place more value on ones presence,

It's an idle Sunday.  Just worked out that my annual contribution, in hard cash, to the Thai economy is circa 2.3 Million Baht, ex tax.  Surly that's worth a annual extension with no questions asked. 

I must say the OP at around 200k a month is "on the high side" I would struggle to spend half that even if I had it...5555, which I dont.

Prolly 500k and paying much of wife's expenses as well including two local holidays totaling 4.5 weeks. Two dental cleanings. Unknown qts of Chivas and Beam. About 12k to her parents or dinner out.


International trips, etc or savings not included.


I'll crack it open at 62-65. Still living lean. Eat well though.

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Looking back over my Excel spread sheets for last year, I spent 1.8MThb in 2020, and that does not include the money I transferred into a Fixed deposit account of 800k Thb, or for the motorbike I paid cash for as well as the insurance and registration.  This year so far I am down to an average of 110K Thb a month, plus I just bought a new car which is not part of that spend either as again I paid cash.  I am trying hard to get down to 80K to 90K Thb a month.  Average Electric and water bill per month is around 6500 Thb.  Thankfully I do not have a payment on the condo I own, but their are the every 6 month fees that we pay, which I move into a different account monthly so its easy to pay and not have to transfer that sum.

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51 minutes ago, Susco said:

I really wonder how one can spend 6300 Baht each and every day of the year, even when eating the most expensive of imported food, unless you have a family of 5 or go to the bars every other day.



well supporting two families and 4 businesses helps. 

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18 minutes ago, Susco said:



Wonder where you buy those meats, because only a few weeks ago you posted that your weekly shopping trip to Big C, where they have those western food stuffs, had increased from 5 to 6000 Baht

yes, exactly. over 110 pounds Sterling

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