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People failing to disclose information blamed for COVID-19 spike

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So why are people so reluctant to disclose information regarding if they have been at risk of catching the virus? Afraid of being locked up in a hospital for an uncertain period of time? Perhaps

No letting songkran go on started all of this and that was the PM's doing. Put the blame where it lies. That is with the PM.    Also if they had gotten vaccines before things would have been

No one seems to want to disclose the true facts of their lives to this Government as to where they have been or what they do on their own time.  Problem, yes.  They have to be scared they have done so

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1 minute ago, Trujillo said:

Last word on this: 
"Since you really haven't cited any falsifiable assertions ...."


I said it was false to assume that the current bump in positive tests for the virus that causes Covid-19 is solely attributable to Songkran travel.

Moreover, I pointed out that, "...Sungkran travel surely was a contributing factor...."


What are the hard numbers? One could look them up if necessary. But again, as I said (are you reading my posts?): "It wasn't like everyone was at home and suddenly there was a great unleashing of travel, thus the bump in positive cases."


Or is that last line false? Was it true that no one was traveling at all before Songkran. Come on; what is really bothering you? 

And as I said, would it not be prudent to look at other factors and not assume that Songkran travel was the only, and main culprit here? 


So much silliness and straw men here. I have never seen anyone anywhere contending that "no one was travelling at all before Songkran".

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Didn't high ranking officials "failing to disclose information" start this third wave mess in the first place? The usual suspects, the top brass, pointing the finger downstairs as always, it's only a matter of time now before the masses get sick of it -and turn as one.

Also, maybe the scientific fact that the variants are far more virulent has also got something to do with it? 

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6 hours ago, webfact said:

People who have concealed information to medical staff are being blamed for the spike of COVID-19 cases.


They probably just got use to feeling ill from burning season 🤔

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