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Phuket: Brits busted for flouting Covid regulations at illegal pool villa party

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9 minutes ago, Captain Monday said:

I thought drinking at home  "more than two people " was announced as banned.

So then, why were the home owners hauled off to the police station to be charged?

Possibly because they were smelly and dirty?

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Why not just call in an air strike ? These old pissers are obviously a serious threat to society..not to mention causing Yorkshire pudding shortages across Thailand.

6 people and a child of around 11 or 12 years old have a get together around the pool and its called an illegal party? Surely we're missing something here as this is just bizarre.

That is no different to a large family sitting round a dinner table . But like the the Darts and the Bridge , it is much more newsworthy when it is the " white devils " doing it.

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16 minutes ago, Ohyesuare said:


That's for allowed/approved gatherings. Parties are not allowed no matter how many people.

Then I just broke the rule this weekend. Good thing our pool is hidden from sight. I love to see what is allowed people wise as i got people coming to my home for gym sessions too. (2 friends)

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1 minute ago, Bkk Brian said:

I was in a similar position on Sunday and actually in the same area as this. My daughter had a sleepover at a friends villa on Saturday night after being invited from a school friend. Total of 3 girls each 13 years old.


On Sunday myself and another set of parents went to pick them up at 3pm. While waiting for them to finish swimming and get ready we sat around a table by the pool. The Russian couple who owned the villa were drinking some vodka as it was Russia's national holiday (Victory Day), I and the parents of the other girl who were Japanese had a coffee while waiting.


Not exactly an offense.

I just wonder what the real rules are, i get it parties with loads of people and alcohol. But how many are allowed should be clear. I thought the 20 was for everyone not just registered events. 


Would be nice if this was clear. I am sure people still receive friends and eat at home with friends. So what limits are there.

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1 hour ago, Captain Monday said:

I thought drinking at home  "more than two people " was announced as banned.

So then, why were the home owners hauled off to the police station to be charged?

yes, in Surat Thani

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1 hour ago, RAZZELL said:

I clicked on this expecting to see some roided up herberts and their fake-titted, tattooed, GOGO dollybirds.


How disappointing 🤔



Me too. Thought the pumping house music must have upset the neighbours and given away the fact they were partying.

Did not expect what looks to be a family  having a quiet drink on the terrace..

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6 minutes ago, Rhacsyn said:


Now I am also confused as to what the rules are (I am in Phuket). Does anybody have a formal document indicating such? We abide by the rules when outside and understand about not holding large party gatherings, as intimated above but I would really appreciate a rules update. 


We have 6 or 7, albeit Thais, come to our house almost daily for a formal business meeting. Arrive and leave masked up and they are sure it is ok under local Covid rules. There is the inevitable short social aspect to the meeting before finishing.


The rule patterns are chaotic as the immigration rules. There are 76 provinces having their own rules, with their ways of propagating the rule news to the masses. There is no unified approach and is even hard for the Thais to figure out the rules.

Some provinces probably publish the rules in the Web somewhere but probably not in English, and it is hard to search Google in Thai unless you are fluent in it.

I rely mainly to my gf for any news, and she relies on Facebook and word of mouth 😁

There appears to be rules to ban social gatherings of more than 2 people which are not from the same family, Australia had similar rules in the previous lockdowns. I don't think it applies to business meetings. The rules seems generally not enforced unless someone dobs you in. 

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