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‘Vaccine hesitancy’ bites in Thailand – but one province has the antidote

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Lampang health volunteers on the campaign to encourage locals to get inoculated.


At a time when Thailand is struggling to convince its citizens to sign up for free COVID-19 vaccination, Lampang has recorded remarkable success, getting all eligible residents to register for jabs.


A total of 223,796 residents of the northern province have already booked COVID-19 shots, filling the slots reserved for at-risk people. The government is currently offering vaccination registration to people aged over 60 and those suffering from certain chronic conditions.


Lampang has a population of about 740,000 people. Of these, about 190,000 are aged 60-plus and 22,000 have been diagnosed with chronic conditions, namely respiratory disease, heart/blood vessel conditions, chronic kidney failure, stroke, obesity, cancer or diabetes.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/vaccine-hesitancy-bites-in-thailand-but-one-province-has-the-antidote/


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Or as one other province did, they asked people who were scared or didnt want the vaccine to sign a paper refusing and that any covid related issue would result in them PAYING for any treatment. They

Not sure if I've understood what you are trying to say, but if you are suggesting that, if you yourself are vaxed, that unvaxed people infringe on your human rights, that's nonsensical.   Th

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6 minutes ago, VocalNeal said:

human rights

Being born at the right time in the right place with the right parents.

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1 hour ago, VocalNeal said:


If you don't have car insurance you have to pay for damage to your car?


So what?


If you have health insurance that covers Covid treatment (I do) you don't have to pay for treatment if you are hospitalised with Covid, vaccinated or not.

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very simple for falang..


show picture of pattaya, beer, and sale on XXXXL shirts and tattoos.  


no take jab, you no get this!!!


100% success

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5 minutes ago, VocalNeal said:


But maybe residents of Lampang don't have medical insurance. So the government says if you don't get vaccination and you get Covid they won't allow you to take advantage of the 30 baht system for Covid treatment.  Seems fair to me. 





Now you are just making things up.


There's no mention in the OP of any such thing happening in Lampang.


The reported 'success' of the vax campaign there has been due to word of mouth gentle persuasion and showing by example. That's all fine by me.


By contrast what you are suggesting would be coercion, pure and simple.

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12 minutes ago, Harveyg said:

Good to see your msgs here. Thought I was the only one.  My experience is to be laughed at or accused of conspiracy so I usually keep my opinions to myself.


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7 minutes ago, GreasyFingers said:

Hope you stay on the water.

I do spend time sailing on the gulf—good advice.

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19 minutes ago, Been There said:

Forced vaccines .... maybe you didn't do history .....

Comparing forced vaccinations of prison camp inmates during the Nazi regime, and vaccination of the population of a country during a pandemic is just plain sick.

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30 minutes ago, Been There said:


I didn't compare anything  ... merely pointed out that the Nazi's used threats and intimidation to experiment on unwilling members of society. 
This is an experimental vaccine ... no mid or long term data .... hasn't been approved by the FDA and people like yourself agreeing that threatening people into compliance is a good thing  ..... Josef Mengele would be proud of you.


Whilst you go bait somebody else, I'll just pop you onto my ignore list because that's the only place for ya! Bye.

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6 hours ago, Antonymous said:


Take note!


That's about 3% of the population that have chronic conditions including obesity.


In the USA its about 40% of the population I think. UK can't be far behind. Surely one of the main reasons to explain the huge differences in Covid mortality stats.


My wife has been putting on weight since we moved back to Thailand from Australia 5 years back. We went to Australia a couple of years ago and the doctor told her she was pre-diabetic. She didn't have it yet but was a risk. Straight to a  dietician and healthy foods, exercise. Back to Thailand she wanted a 2nd opinion. Thai doctor said no problems- back to fatty foods no exercise and no problems. I wonder if the 3% are only those diagnosed.

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