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Need to replace my Philips CPAP.  Philips is too expensive at least in Thailand.  Was looking at Ventmed auto CPAP DS6 on Lazada.  Anyone have an opinion on this machine?  Or, can recommend another.


I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2008.  Given a machine, but was not able to adapt.  People said important to use, so I would try again with no luck.  I would say I have actually used  CPAP 20% of the time, but keep on trying.  I now have a doctor that is constantly on my case about using it to the point they become angry if I don't.  So, my machine is now shutting off and going into alarm mode every night.  It is about 12 years old, but then had very little use.  Decided to replace than repair.


Thanks in advance.

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i can't answer the question re machines, but if you could nto adjust to one, not sure you'll do any better in a different machine.

Have you tried an oral appliance?



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38 minutes ago, Boatman37210 said:

Not familiar with oral appliances.  Will check them out.



Work best if you are a mouth breather and the apnea not very severe.

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