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Pattaya police continue to crack down on “social” gatherings, mask-wearing, and public drinking

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With the massive turndown, bar closures, small number of foreigners on motorbikes, no jet skies etc etc the Pattaya RTP must be getting desperate now in extorting sufficient money to keep their mia no

Most of these 'fines' are illegal, even from Thia law. In developed countries the people will just refuse to pay 'fines' on site and ask police officers to file the cases to court...

The way I see it  .read the news and keep up with the laws/rule's. Don't mix with the wrong people stay on the right side of the law .then what Have you got to morn about..as it has been said many tim

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14 minutes ago, jacko45k said:

I have a little sympathy with the guy who has a small condo, and sitting in there alone, looking at the walls, sipping on a beer is pretty depressing. 

But yes, another complete alcohol sale ban is also unattractive. 

I get that but get yourself sorted a bit better, many others are doing it, 

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4 hours ago, ChipButty said:

Come on guys reel your neck in, It is possible they could bring in again a complete alcohol ban like last time, drink sensibly take it home


Good ole brown bag does the job again

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3 hours ago, tlandtday said:

Absolutley ridiculous abuse of power.

Faced with the absolutely ridiculous scorn being shown by foreigners for Emergency measures?

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Posted (edited)
9 minutes ago, Deli said:


As long as they make sense, maybe.

To whom? Some seem to have no problem with the restrictions, others deride them. We don't get to cherry pick.

(Just wish they were clear).

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4 hours ago, pattjock said:

Maybe if they made the current rules public it would be easier to follow them. I have looked everywhere for first hand information but have not found much and pretty much nothing in English.


How can you penalize people if you don't make the exact regulations public?

This sounds fair to me. Unfortunately, the judgment will be that, "ignorance of the law is no defence"

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