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Thailand reports 4,887 COVID-19 cases, 32 new deaths 

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This should raise Thailand to number 94 on the covid worldometre. No more look at us we are great stuff now. Bear in mind the almost 3,000 prisoners make the numbers because they were found out hiding

Thailand did not just wake up today with 2,835 positive cases.   They kept it quiet, instead of manning up and adding it to the daily infected total, hoping they could contain it before they

Excerpt from a Thai Ministry of Public Health COVID cases update Thursday.     Thailand’s Total COVID Case Count Now Exceeds That of China?   Statistics Used by the Government

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1 minute ago, Victornoir said:

The figures remain stable around 2,000 new cases per day excluding prisons

Are you saying this in a positive or negative light?

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6 minutes ago, Dmaxdan said:

2835 cases have been found in the prison system. So unless you have plans to be arrested and jailed in the near future you should be fine.  


The 2053 outside cases is what people need to focus on here, 

problem is, people won't

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